Lost In Space

The Scenario:

You were part of a crew that went on A High Priority mission to outer space. Your crew was put into a CryoFreeze  state to ensure you made it to your destination alive, 100 light years away. You have finally reached your destination and thawed from CryoFreeze, to find your Captain mission and No clue as to where you are. You must find your Captain and get back on track to Earth before you are lost forever.

Can you complete your mission in the next 60 minutes before its to late?

Behind the Scenes:

The Lost In Space themed escape room is our more advanced scenario and designed for players both Skilled  as well as intermediate players looking for the next challenge. This scenario is perfect for people who want a more challenging adventure. The Lost In Space  room Is based on Science Fiction. This room is perfect for small groups of friends looking for a fun diversion, office parties, or other company events. The puzzles may be challenging but we assure you no one will be left out. This  makes for a wonderful team building exercise. 

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