Secret Agent Adventure

The Scenario:

You and your Teammates are on a secret mission. A prominent American General is suspected of selling secrets to foreign powers. Your organization has received reliable information that he is ready to defect with the Top Secret launch codes to America’s Nuclear Arsenal, but you need to be sure. Your team has been deployed to an undisclosed location in Norwich, CT and you have arranged for the General to called away on business. Time is short. You and your team will need to work quickly to search the General’s office and discover if our nation’s nuclear launch codes are there. Find the documents before the General comes back. Discover his secrets, and get out undetected.

Can you pull off The Ultimate Escape?

Behind the Scenes:

The Secret Agent themed escape room is our basic scenario and designed for players both new to Ultimate Escapes as well as intermediate players looking for the next challenge. This scenario is perfect for people who are new to the experience and want to get a feel for it. The Secret Agent room is grounded in reality and offers a familiar office environment with which you will interact to solve the puzzles. This room is perfect for small groups of friends looking for a fun diversion, office parties, or other company events. The puzzles are not so challenging that anyone will feel left out, and make for a wonderful team building exercise. If you are new to mystery rooms, or mystery room parties this room is a perfect place to start.

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The Ultimate Escape

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